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Meet Zain Kheraj, whose professionalism and consistency sets him apart in the entrepreneurial world in the US.

The under 30 businessman has turned his ordinary businesses into lucrative ones with his passion and dedication.

Not all have the will power and confidence to believe in their dreams and not just that but to take necessary steps to reach where they desire to. Amongst this, there is a man we know, still under 30 but whose name is synonymous with success today in all of America. He is an entrepreneur par excellence, who puts in his sweat and blood in making all his businesses a success and emerges as a dynamic businessman who knows how to follow his heart. He is Zain Kheraj from Atlanta Georgia.

Kheraj is a true example for all the up and coming entrepreneurs of the world that it is all about a person’s will and their dedication that helps them reach the stage in life they always aspire to. Kheraj was born on July 6, 1992. He, as a finance major at the University of Georgia, always dreamt of doing something in consulting. Since, he has been a hustler all his life, he first starting working at a company called Berkshire Hathaway in 2016. He left this job in December 2019 when he realized that there was so much more he could do to fulfill all his dreams.

This powerhouse of talent today has marked his name in the elite list of young entrepreneurs of the US. He owns a number of small businesses and also real estate. Trustmysystem (TMS) however, remains his most remarkable business which is into sports consulting.

Since he was always a great sports fan, he decided to open his sports consulting firm which is into gambling on sports. He serves as the CFO of the company and their services include first-class handicappers that wraps around all sports. Not just that, their services swear to provide 100 percent transparency, superior quality customer service, and the most economical packages within the industry.

One of the things that Kheraj believes strongly in about success is that “You are only winning if you are helping others win”. He believes that accomplishing his life goals in the form of giving back to his family and the community is also success for him.

There are many things that make Kheraj a class apart and an absolute professional. His honesty, consistency, top-quality customer service and his willingness to adapt to the world makes him a trendsetter in his industry. Others love to learn from Kheraj and his company about any new product/marketing campaign.

He urges budding entrepreneurs not to be complacent. He also wants to explain to others that fear of missing out (FOMO) is only a temporary thing. Amidst a pandemic, there is anyway no FOMO and one must know how to optimize this time in hand. He suggests all to do something in the now by finding a new hobby, learning new things by taking part in an online class, reading a book, etc.

Lastly, Kheraj points out that people must always focus and invest in themselves and get on the path to accomplishing all their dreams.

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