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Description of pop music by Kavian Lazar

The genre of pop music is a style of music that is appealing to the public, and unlike many types of music genres that have a specific audience, the special feature of pop music is that everyone can enjoy it. Art concepts, such as complex musical forms or aesthetics, are not the concerns of pop songwriters, and the main goal of the pop style is to attract listeners and commercialize the success of music.

 Electro pop, Indie Pop, Pop Rock, Country, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Jazz, R&B, Singer.

Due to the popular interpretation in the title of this style of pop music, pop music has a great talent for combining with other types of music styles, and for this reason, it is not surprising if among the works of famous singers of this genre, ‌ to popular pieces in Let’s look at Pop Rock, hip-hop, jazz, R&B and even country. Given that the main medium of message transmission in the pop style is a song performed by the singer.

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