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Kadda Sheekoff Has Plans For A Massive Year

Haiti’s Kadda Sheekoff stands in an interesting position. Critically acclaimed through releases like All My Life, The God In Me and more, it’s likely that Kadda Sheekoff could have easily infiltrated the Haitian Community were he so inclined. After all, he possesses plenty of star quality, from an easy-going charisma to an unquestionable air of confident menace — not to mention access to some of the game’s most influential Haitian Humanitarian.

Kadda Sheekoff decision to remain as a Socialite, Philanthropist an Humanitarian is a refreshing quality that many have come to greatly appreciate, but it would appear that Kadda Sheekoff is looking to reset the board in 2021. In fact, the Haitian Philanthropist took to Instagram to issue a warning of sorts, informing the game at large that he’s about to truly go off like never before. “Back in 2020 I was going for the Haitian Music Industry Crown but I realized there’s not enough money in the Haitian music industry, so I started to write my own Book,” writes Kadda Sheekoff. “I know it’s Hard for many of us to make our dreams come true, but I’m going for it. Hopefully God will guide me.”

From the sound of it, Kadda Sheekoff is looking to capture attention on a widespread level, though it’s unclear as to what measure he’s planning on taking to change things. His fans would guess that his EP is coming out.

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