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Day 2 Test Birmingham: How To Fly Safe And Arrive Well During A Global Health Crisis

The day 2 test Birmingham is a reliable quality test for your day two screening process. Read more about how to fly safe and arrive well during Covid-19.

When flying to the UK from another country, you must take a day 2 test. Different rules apply to those entirely immunised and those that did not get immunized. The country you are coming from can also make a difference when it comes to testing requirements. Depending on the characteristics above mentioned, you may be required to take one or two PCR tests. 

The screening of foreign arrivals on day 2 is a precaution to prevent COVID-19 infection transmission when people return to the UK. If you are visiting the UK from another country, or simply coming back home, you should take this test before or on the second day after your arrival. 

Before Travelling To UK 

If you have been vaccinated but have not visited or travelled through a country placed on the UK administration’s “red list” within the ten days before returning, you must:

  • Schedule your day 2 test Birmingham and ensure you provide the correct identification details
  • Complete the PLF and ensure you specify your self-isolation address in the UK and the booking reference of the day 2 test. 

Is The Day 2 Test Required For All Arriving In The UK?

According to UK Government guidelines, following foreign travel, it is mandatory to undergo day 2 Covid-19 testing to determine if you have the viral disease and therefore prevent the spread of the disease. 

The UK Government requires all fully vaccinated visitors to take a PCR test as soon as they arrive in the country and no later than the end of Day 2. The same test is required for unvaccinated passengers and one on day 8 as well. Day 0 is the day you arrive in the UK.   

Taking A Day 2 Test In Birmingham

The PCR test Birmingham is used to detect the early stages of infection. Some other tests may miss early signs of disease because there are not enough pathogens or the immune system has not yet triggered an antibody response. Antibodies are proteins produced by the body to fight foreign substances.

PCR tests can detect small amounts of pathogens because they copy small amounts of genetic material from each sample. This process is called amplification, which makes the test very sensitive. The PCR tests are typically administered in a lab and are available within a day or less.               

What If My Day Two Test Result Comes Positive?

If the day 2 test is positive, you should go into self-isolation and avoid leaving your home for 10 days. The advice on self-isolation is provided with every positive PCR result. The test provider will instantly notify public health authorities of any results.

How Do I Get To My Quarantine Location?

Any required mode of transportation can be used to get to your self-isolation location. Use public transport only when necessary. Never use public transportation if your symptoms have started to show. 

When Returning From A Red List Country

If you have travelled through a red list nation within the last ten days, you should arrange accommodation in a government’s specified hotel that includes ten days in isolation with testing supplied as part of a package.


Qualification testing criteria differ depending on whether you arrive from a ‘red listed’ nation or one that is not on the prohibited list. Those coming from another country with a fully immunized status must undergo a day 2 PCR testing and self-isolate till a negative test result is obtained. It is advised to arrange your day 2 test Birmingham in advance for a virus-free journey. You would need to undergo PCR testing on days 2 and 8 and go into quarantine for ten days if you are not entirely immunised.

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