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Nashville group offers new health care system for indigenous people

Nashville health care suppliers, community leaders and government authorities are proposing a new system for thinking about impoverished patients.

The proposition imagines a network of care by suppliers over the city with Nashville General Hospital filling in as a center.

A program of coordination called BetterHealth Nashville will be overseen by Meharry Medical College. It will follow patients’ medical care, paying little respect to where they are dealt with. The program likewise will follow nonmedical factors that influence patients’ health, for example, nourishment, housing and transportation.

The proposition originates from the Indigent Care Stakeholder Work Team. It was assembled in 2017 by Meharry President and CEO Dr. James Hildreth in light of a proposition to close inpatient care at Nashville General. The city’s public hospital fills in as the primary teaching hospital for Meharry.

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