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David Vanderveen: A multi faceted Entrepreneur that you can’t miss to know!

Today we are going to talk about one multi-talented individual named David Vanderveen. The grown-up in West Michigan, David along with his older brother learned to surf in the ferocious storms of Lake Michigan. David is a graduate in philosophy & political science from Calvin College, Wheaton’s sister school. He always had a keen interest in skateboarding & poetry while in school.

After completing his education David ventured into doing many things like he became a daily news editor & hand model in Japan, a director of public affairs in Michigan, co-founder of a jewelry company in the Midwest, marketing director in the Napa Valley, co-founder of a biotech & pharma company, political organizer, exporter of artificial heart valves to Pakistan, technology sales & marketing executive & chief technology officer at small & large tech companies.

Phew !! All the above by one man & still he never stops. David also became a part of Dot-Com revolution & owned a small distributorship of Red Bull as part of the revolution. He is also the co-owner of a global energy drink brand called XS that earned more than $2 billion in revenue by selling over 1 billion cans & shared profits worth $500 with independent business owners around the world. 
David is involved in a lot of work to offer us like he makes podcasts of different personalities sharing their experiences & success stories & named it as Kickasspirational, he is also an executive producer of a film named ‘LostProphets’, he is the founding publisher & contributing writer for the magazine ‘Krakoosh’. 
David is also the executive producer of a documentary film named ‘Unsalted’. It is a movie about surfers & a road trip around 5 great lakes. He also became an executive producer for the film ‘Same God’. To top all of the above, David has also been a successful contributing writer for a number of publications like the Huffington Post, Sojourners & Laguna Beach Independent. David has also been the editor for Rob Bell’s bestseller ‘The Love Wins Companion’. 
He even was a contributing author to the book ‘Disquiet Time’. Looking at the roller coaster of works done by David, he has been interviewed & been a part of various entertainment platforms as well like – Unmistakable creative, You made it weird podcast with Pete Holmes, Daily Show with John Stewart.

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