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Porsha Williams advises her fans to stop trying to be lesser of whom they actually are

No doubt people enjoy following their favorite celebrities. Similarly, it would be true to say that celebrities can make use of the opportunity and make the lives of their fans better than what they already live. This opportunity has been well taken care of by Porsha Williams. She has advised her fans as well as followers that it will indeed be a great way of living life. Check out what she has to advise her fans on her IG.

She captions one of her posts with, “Awwww….you look so nice…now stay out them damn flowers girl,’ and a follower posted: ‘Dayyyyyyum@porsha4real , you look amazing. Babygirl know you wearing that. Better hurry and leave before she wake up and stop you in your tracks

One of her followers said that “Thanks for this post sista and one fan said: ‘Aaaaw! Porsha you look terrific. Your caption blessed my soul.

Another instgrammer praised the Porsha’s figure and said: “@porsha4real baby weight where? Not on you Ms. Gorgeous.”

Another person posted: “@porsha4real Let me know when you’re done with that bag. I need a new one! 

There was yet another commenter who praised her and said; “Soooooo you just gon randomly slay our timelines like that?  I was not ready!

In other news, which was not long ago, Porsha called “sister” by NeNeleakes.

NeNe has shared some of the pics with the RHOA ladies from an event where they all took part. She categorically called the ladies “sisters” and the best thing was that Porsha was in the pics as well.

No doubt common people have always been following the celebrities. It would be right to say that it is responsibility of these celebrities to make lives of their fans better and better. Nothing can be better than someone who advises others to live a strong headed life. Following the same, we see Porsha Williams tells fans to stop trying to do whatever they are not and what they do not tend to be. There are several other things that need our attention and hence they must be focused.

Fans have been overwhelmed and could not be happier after seeing their mended relation and ensure praising the ladies.  

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