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“Bison Kaalamaadan,” Starring Mari Selvaraj and Dhruv Vikram, has an Intriguing First look

The gifted Tamil director Mari Selvaraj is currently working on a movie with Dhruv Vikram and has emerged as one of the most sought-after directors. The filming of Mari Selvaraj’s 2022 project with Dhruv Vikram began a few months ago, following the announcement of the project. The first image of Mari Selvaraj’s film, which stars Dhruv Vikram in the main character, has now been released by the producers. It is called “Bison Kaalamaadan.”

The intriguing title tells a little tale of Dhruv Vikram’s character in the movie, and the first look poster shows the actor standing strong against a background of bison.

Dhruv Vikram is portraying a Kabaddi player in Mari Selvaraj’s film “Bison Kaalamaadan,” which is set against a Kabaddi setting. The up-and-coming actor trained in the appropriate techniques of the well-known sport to fit his part in the movie and developed a muscular physique for his role as an athlete. The real-life story of a Kabaddi player is supposedly the basis for “Bison Kaalamaadan,” but we’ll have to wait and see what subject Mari Selvaraj has decided on for his next film. The cinematography is done by Ezhil Arasu, and the music is composed by Nivas K Prasanna.

With “Aditya Varama,” the Tamil adaptation of the Telugu hit “Arjun Reddy,” Dhruv Vikram made his lead screen debut. Then, he appeared in a supporting part in the film “Mahaan,” directed by Karthik Subbaraj and starring the child’s father, Chiyaan Vikram, in the main role. With “Bison Kaalamaadan,” Dhruv is back in the lead role, and the movie is likely to be a great hit for him.

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