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Amazon is Discontinuing its Just Walk Out Feature For its US Fresh Grocery Outlets

In an attempt to modernize the grocery chain, Amazon is taking the Just Walk Out technology out of its Amazon Fresh locations.

Customers don’t have to wait in line to pay for things because to the company’s well-known technology, which also provides them with receipts following purchases. According to Amazon, smart carts that let users bypass the checkout line and view their expenditures in real time will take its place.

A representative for Amazon, Carly Golden, stated that during the redesign of Fresh locations last year, the business received feedback from consumers who preferred not to wait in line at the register but still wanted to see their savings and receipts while they shopped. Customers will receive these advantages from the smart carts in addition to the convenience of avoiding the checkout line, according to Golden.

Numerous Fresh grocery stores are operated by Seattle-based Amazon nationwide; the majority are located in the states of California, Illinois, Virginia, and Washington. The corporation also owns Whole Foods, which it paid $13.7 billion to acquire in 2017 and runs cashierless convenience stores under the Amazon Go brand.

Even though it was anticipated that Amazon’s foray into the grocery business would upend the industry, the business has had trouble figuring things out.

In his yearly letter to shareholders in 2023, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy stated that the company was trying to figure out the best way to increase its influence on real food stores. The business said early in the year that it was stopping the expansion of its Fresh stores and has closed several Amazon Fresh and Go locations that weren’t fulfilling their promises.

The business reopened three Fresh locations in Los Angeles, California, in November. According to Golden, an Amazon representative, the company is currently concentrating on “selectively” building new Fresh locations and refurbishing most of its current locations.

According to the firm, Amazon Go locations and a few smaller Amazon Fresh outlets in the UK will still carry Just Walk Out technology. Additionally, it will keep providing the technology to independent businesses.

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