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Mixed-reality headsets were expected to be unveiled by Apple

At its annual Worldwide Developers Conference in California on Monday, Apple Inc. is widely anticipated to announce a new headgear with mixed reality.

Since the introduction of the Apple Watch in 2015, this would be the tech giant’s most significant product launch to date.

Until now, the company behind the iPhone has focused only on developing technology for augmented reality that is compatible with its current products. But it looks like it’s going to use the latest technology to connect the real and digital worlds.

Apple will compete with Meta, the parent company of Facebook, in the highly anticipated headset, which has worked for years to promote its “metaverse,” or parallel digital universe.

What we know about Apple’s headset is called “Reality Pro”

Analysts cited in media reports say that Apple is expected to show off a “Reality Pro” headset with custom software and a price tag of about $3,000 that could look like ski goggles.

It is expected that the goggles will feature a sleek Apple-like design and the ability to switch between virtual and augmented reality, also known as mixed reality or external reality (XR).

The goggle’s high price may disappoint many eager fans, despite Apple’s high hopes for surprising technology.

Dan Ives, an analyst at Wedbush Securities, estimated that Apple could only sell 150,000 units during the headset’s first year on the market. This is a low number for a company that sells more than 200 million iPhones annually.

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