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Agnikul an Indian Space Startup ,Postpones its First Rocket Launch Once More

According to those present at the launch site on Saturday, Indian aerospace startup Agnikul Cosmos postponed the first launch of its Agnibaan rocket once more, claiming technical difficulties.

The corporation, according to the persons, delayed liftoff in order to do pre-launch inspections. Without providing a clear explanation, the rocket manufacturer postponed the Agnibaan launch last month.

Agnikul is attempting to carry out India’s second private rocket launch, following startup Skyroot’s 2022 launch of the Vikram-S rocket, in line with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s goal for the privatization and commercialization of the space sector.

Space One of Japan attempted to become the first corporation to launch a satellite into orbit last month, but the company’s maiden rocket, Kairos, exploded seconds after launch.

According to the business, the Agnibaan is a two-stage launch vehicle that can be customized and can send a payload as heavy as 300 kg (660 pounds) into an orbit that is roughly 700 km (440 miles) in diameter.

The mission would be a significant technological advancement for India even though it would only take two minutes from launch to splashdown. This is because the Indian Space Research Organization has never successfully flown a semi-cryogenic engine, which combines liquid and gas fuel.

Globally, businesses ranging from startups to Big Tech are aiming to launch their 500 kilogram tiny satellites to enhance their technology or for applications like accurate climate monitoring and internet access for isolated regions.

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