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Ahmed Abdullah Al-Mutairi – The distinguished writer and filmmaker who holds a mastery of the art.

He has reached heights of success given his tremendous creative instincts which have taken him places.

The creative industry demands much more than you can give and you definitely need to have an edge over others to gain attention and go ahead on the path to glory. There have been many talented souls who have worked their way right up the top with their exceptional work quality which has enchanted one and all. These distinct personalities have created their own niche, and their work has been widely acclaimed, one such individual who shines bright and stands apart from his contemporaries is the stupendously talented writer and filmmaker from Unaizah, Saudi Arabia, whose work speaks volumes about him. His passion for writing culminated into filmmaking and he excels in both astoundingly.

It would be interesting to know how this creative soul reached this demanding position through his passion and determination. Read on to know the facts from the horse’s mouth himself…

When did you realize that you had a liking for the craft and wanted to pursue this as a career?

At a young age I developed a strong liking for writing, unaware of the fact that this passion of mine is going to be my profession going forward. All the time, while at universities, my interest kept on drawing towards writing. Most of my time was spent reading books and novels which added to my knowledge about writing the perfect way.

How did you pursue your passion going ahead?

The passionate writer inside me wanted to achieve more rather than just remain unknown. I wanted to create an impact and make my mark as a professional writer with my work getting appreciated on a global platform, with that goal I set out to write my own novel, and the rest is history.

Tell us more about your first work, which won you all the laurels?

At 18, I wrote my first novel Diwan Al-Orouba, which surprisingly became one of the most loved and appreciated work of mine. It further boosted my confidence to squeeze my creative juices further and come out with more interesting work.

What makes you distinguished from others from the fraternity?

I think my writings show the real face of life, apart from that, I try to be sincere and genuine in portraying reality through my writings and that’s what makes my work stand out from the usual ones you read in your everyday life.

Would you like to share a glimpse of your upcoming projects for our readers?

My latest work is about a girl who faces the brickbats of an oppressive society. It’s slated to come out soon. Stay tuned!

Having being a part of many successful projects as a writer and filmmaker Ahmed Abdullah Al-Mutairi is set to win a million more hearts with his work in coming times.

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