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With child Charlie, Tiger Woods ‘not the star’ this week while playing: Padraig Harrington

Padraig Harrington is playing in the PNC Championship for the third time and loves holding with his child, Patrick, and presenting him to the game he has dominated at as a genius.

He additionally appreciates looking at the different golf swings of legends and novices the same. Three grabbed his attention this week: Gary Player, Lee Trevino and Charlie Woods.

Indeed, that is two 80-something Hall of Famers and the 11-year-old child of Tiger Woods, who is the most youthful player to actually contend in the occasion that starts Saturday at the Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort.

“What I do find interesting: I think Tiger turned pro slightly before me or around the same time as me,” Harrington said Friday after a pro-am round. “This is the first tournament I’ve ever played in that Tiger Woods is playing in that he’s not the star of the show.”

“He should note that himself. He ain’t the star of the show this week. And that’s very much among the players and the pros. We’re all going down the range, and everybody is stopping to watch Charlie. ‘Move out of the way, Tiger.’ It is incredible the buzz it’s created.”

There was significant amazement a month ago when Woods reported that he would play the occasion saved for significant bosses and a relative.

Charlie Woods has demonstrated himself to be an incredible player, with a golf swing that looks shockingly like that of his acclaimed father, who has won 15 significant titles. Tiger Woods has over and again said that he essentially needs his child to “appreciate” the game. During two favorable to am appearances, Charlie demonstrated a lot of guarantee.

Harrington, 49, is the commander of the European Ryder Cup group, the biennial rivalry that was delayed until 2021 in the midst of the Covid pandemic. A victor of 31 overall competitions, including three significant titles, he had a lot of fights with the more established Woods throughout the long term.

Be that as it may, he is captivated by what’s going on with Charlie Woods.

“For me, I’ve watched three golf swings this week,” Harrington said. “Three people I’ve really stopped to have a look at it. Gary Player. Lee Trevino and Charlie Woods. I do stop to look at the sons. But three in particular I take my time.”

“Gary Player for me, at 85 years of age, it’s just incredible how well he hits it. Lee Trevino is still a beautiful ball striker at 81 years of age. Wouldn’t you love to be like that? And on the opposite end of the scale at 11 years of age you have Charlie Woods and what’s ahead of him. It is interesting.

“Push Tiger aside,” Harrington joked. “You’re not the story anymore.”

Like his involvement in Patrick, who is 17, Harrington said the thought is to have a good time and not stress a lot over outcomes.

“Certainly the first couple of years you just wanted him to hit one good shot,” Harrington said. “I remember the first year he hit a lovely pitch into 13 and spun it back. Hit it stone dead. And they showed it on TV. This is the key. They showed it on TV. It was an exceptional shot, but it was aired.”

“They’re not about showing the bad shots. We’re here to enjoy ourselves. They do a good job. As much as the kids will be under pressure, it’s not too bad as far as the format. If you are leading the tournament, there is a bit of pressure. But if you’re not, it really is an enjoyable week.”

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