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Maria Jones: “Women empowerment will define our future course”

Maria Jones is widely recognized for her contribution to the world of Blockchain and Digital Currency. She headed the Cointelegraph Media Group for considerable years and carved a place for herself. Maria now is a champion of Women’s empowerment. Enabling women to stand for themselves, run businesses, live life Queen size, has become Maria’s personal motto. Her own life has been her biggest motivation. A daughter, a Housewife, a Mother. To add to these definite roles in her life, she also lives for herself. A true bawse that she is, Maria Jones built her life like a castle, brick by brick and now she helps other women do the same.

This very idea led to the birth of “THE THIRD MILLENNIUM WOMAN” – a digital media and a global online community of ambitious women. Its mission is to inspire and support women to turn their dreams into reality through building careers and successful businesses. Maria has already been receiving tremendous response across all the social media platforms. Active members are joining in including male supporters who back her cause. Maria helps women understand their true potential. She guides them in assessing their qualities and skills. Her team and she enables them, with the required training that helps them in starting their own businesses. Maria empowers women in her community by helping them with custom business plans, supervising them, and sharing her rich career experiences with them.

A leading pioneer in Women Empowerment, Maria shares that it is her mission to reach out to all the women in the world. She believes it is when a woman loves herself is when she creates. She stresses the fact that Empowerment comes from within. A woman should begin by loving herself, investing her time wisely, and setting her priorities straight. It is alright to devote one’s life to duties and responsibilities but that shouldn’t hinder your own self-development. As she practices, a woman needs to chase and build a dream solely for herself. Only an empowered woman understands the value of nurturing one’s hidden worth.

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