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AI capabilities for Google Chrome are added, such as a theme generator, tab organizer, and writing assistance

The most recent version of Google’s Chrome web browser incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. The business today said that Chrome for Mac and Windows would soon acquire three new AI-powered features: the ability to intelligently arrange your tabs, personalize your theme, and receive assistance when producing content for the web, such as forum posts and online reviews.

The latter is comparable to a function that is already included in Google’s experimental AI search experience, known as SGE (Search Generative Experience), which enables users to receive assistance in crafting emails in various lengths and tones, such as formal or informal.

Google proposes that users use the built-in writing tool in Chrome to write a variety of things, such as company evaluations, “craft a friendly RSVP to a party,” or a more official query about a holiday rental. Users may even write articles in public venues, such as online forums.

With the upcoming Chrome release, users will be able to take use of the still-in-development functionality by selecting “help me write” when they right-click on a text field or text box on the internet. You will initially need to write a few words before Google’s AI begins to assist you.

AI can be used not only as a writing assistance but also to customize your browser and arrange tab groups.

Those who have a lot of tabs open can manage them by grouping them together using Chrome’s Tab Groups function. But as the business notes, curating them can be a labor-intensive process. Based on the tabs you currently have open, Chrome will automatically propose and form groups using the new Tab Organizer. To access this function, right-click on a tab and choose “Organize Similar Tabs.” In order to facilitate finding of the tab groups it generates, Chrome will also recommend names and emoticons for them. This function is meant to help users who frequently leave a lot of tabs open while researching, shopping, arranging trips, or performing other online duties.

The last enhancement is a reflection of the recently released generative AI wallpaper experience for Pixel and Android 14 devices. Google will now enable users to create personalized themes for their Chrome browser by utilizing the same text-to-image diffusion methodology. The feature lets you create these themes based on subject, mood, visual style, and color by accessing the “Customize Chrome” side panel, clicking “Change theme,” and then choosing the new “Create with AI” option. Previously, Chrome provided a selection of vibrant yet basic themes in addition to those from artists; now, with this capability, users will be able to go beyond the pre-made options to design a theme that more closely reflects their own style right now.

Even if customers end up going back to a more straightforward theme for daily use, the functionality at least enables them to test-drive Google’s generative AI for customisation, even though a busy theme could be irritating.

The drafting tool will not be available until the next month’s Chrome release, but other features, such as the AI theme maker and tab organizer, will be available for use with the current Chrome release (M121) for Mac and Windows over the course of the next few days in the United States, according to Google. After logging into Chrome, go to the “Experimental AI” page by selecting “Settings” from the three-dot menu in order to access these features. The company states that at present moment, enterprise and educational users will not be able to access the services because they are experimental.

Along with the ability to caption audio and video, shield users from malicious websites using Chrome’s Safe Browsing feature for Android, mute permission prompts, and summarize web pages using the “SGE while browsing” feature, these features add to the array of AI-powered and machine learning (ML) tools already available in Chrome.

In the upcoming year, Google plans to enhance Chrome with further AI and ML features, such as integrations with its recently developed AI model, Gemini, which will facilitate quicker online browsing.

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