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The Top 5 Features of the iPhone 15 Pro’s Action Button

The sleek titanium frame stole the show when Apple unveiled the iPhone 15 Pro in September of last year. Yes, the material is incredibly durable but also significantly lighter than the original device. However, the Action Button on the iPhone 15 Pro is another innovation that has changed my life in the previous few months.

via the Action Button in place of the ‘Silent’ toggle switch, customers have more customisation possibilities. They can access Voice Memos, Camera, Focus, and pretty much anything else via Shortcuts.

iPhone users may streamline their digital routine with just one button thanks to iOS’s built-in automation helper, Shortcuts. The outcomes can be amazing and bizarre. In the last few months of testing, I’ve come up with a few really inventive uses for the Action Button. See our review of the iPhone 15 Pro for the complete rundown on the smartphone. All you have to do to configure the Action Button is go to Settings and choose Action Button, which will bring up one of iOS 17’s most adorable menu screens.

1. Take a voice memo

First off, it’s easy to see how the Action Button makes the iPhone a very practical dictaphone. With just a single tap, the phone can now begin recording without requiring you to unlock it and launch the Voice Memos app. I’ve discovered that technique is very helpful for conducting on-the-spot, rapid fire interviews as a journalist.

2. Take RAW pictures

One of our favourite AI-powered RAW photo capture apps, Halide, has updated its version to include Action Button shortcuts that allow users to switch between manual and autofocus, cycle through lenses, adjust exposure manually or automatically, switch between 12 and 48MP capture modes, toggle RAW capture, and even take a picture.

3. Place a coffee order

Yes, you read correctly. Reward members can now completely avoid the app and website by using the Starbucks app. With a built-in shortcut on the Action Button selector, users may order a drink with just one button push thanks to the app’s ability to remember their favourite beverage. No ordering procedure, no browsing. Alchemy pure. For assistance in setting up this Shortcut on your iPhone, view Starbucks’ informative YouTube video tutorial.

4. Make a note

Like the Voice Memo shortcut above, this one appears straightforward, but it’s a game-changer if you’re someone like me who records every idea and thought as it comes to mind in the iOS Notes app. When you press the Action Button, a dialogue window that allows you to take notes more quickly than before appears instead of the Notes app.

5. Use grayscale

In addition to being an accessibility feature, this one is well-liked in societies who practise digital simplicity. Greyscale mode on your phone is supposed to make it less attractive to use, and I’ve found that it works great for reducing screen time. Choose Colour Filters from the main Action picker menu in Settings by scrolling over to Accessibility. The primary Accessibility settings in Settings allow you to choose various filters in addition to the basic greyscale one.

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