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Apple is Now Using Brazil to Assemble the 6.1-inch iPhone 15

Although the majority of Apple’s devices are still made in China, the business does have certain assembly plants located throughout the globe. São Paulo-based Foxconn Brazil is one of these plants. Apple is now putting the 6.1-inch iPhone 15 together there.

iPhone 15 is now being produced in Brazil

Apple appears to be distributing iPhone 15 handsets that have been produced in Brazil, as reported by the Brazilian blog MacMagazine. The report has not been verified by the corporation, and Apple’s website contains no clear proof of this. Nonetheless, Brazilian consumers can infer which model they will be purchasing from Apple’s online store.

Customers will now see the part number ending in “BR/A,” which is used to identify Apple devices built in Brazil, when they check the URL of the iPhone 15 checkout webpage. The majority of products are marked with “BE/A” or “BZ/A” to denote their import status for domestic sale.

It’s interesting that Apple has decided to exclusively produce the 6.1-inch iPhone model in Brazil once more. China continues to be the country of origin for the iPhone 15 Plus and both Pro models that are sold there. Given the high cost of the iPhone in Brazil, this could be because the entry-level model is probably the most widely used in that South American nation.

Brazil has significant import duties. Because of the lower taxes associated with selling their products assembled in Brazil, several businesses choose to make this investment. In Brazil, the 128GB iPhone 15 was first released for R$7,299, or roughly $1,460. However, it is currently available in some retail locations for as little as R$5,399, or roughly $1,080.

Apple’s diversification of its manufacturing process

Not only does Apple profit from the chance to sell more iPhones, but Brazilian customers also gain from Apple’s decision to assemble iPhones in Brazil. Apple can lessen its reliance on China by maintaining production operations abroad, which can also help the company prevent supply bottlenecks in its home market.

Apart from Brazil, Apple has also made investments in its manufacturing plants located in Vietnam and India. On the first day of sales last year, iPhone 15 variants produced in India were available to Indian buyers.

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