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Self-Made Vegas Icon and Travel Aficionado Richard Crighton Wants You To Dream Bigger and Explore More

A wise man once said: “If your dreams do not scare you, you aren’t dreaming big enough”. The truth is, dreaming can be easy, but materializing those dreams and architecting your ideal lifestyle is certainly no walk in the park.

Challenges and pitfalls await at every turn and only those with the mental fortitude to endure them will become victorious. Richard Crighton epitomizes the American dream in many ways, he has created the life of his dreams, with no regard for external conditions.

As a young teenager my Dad made me read every morning. I was inspired by Sun Tzu in the Art of War, Napoleon Hill, Machiavelli and James Clavell. I enjoy strategy. It is an important part of my life.” -Crighton recalls.

Richard was always an energetic and charismatic boy, he played games and daydreamt about owning a house. But his dreams were never vague, he always had a plan. At twenty years old, he became the youngest person to open a real estate brokerage in his natal Las Vegas and before age thirty he had already amassed a significant fortune.

Crisis struck in 2007 and 2008 and everything that Richard had worked so hard to build was threatened. His very own mental and physical wellbeing were threatened, and so was his business. But, as those who know him can tell you, he possesses a special kind of energy, he just won’t give up.

I worked like an unstoppable machine” -Richard affirmed when asked how he was able to overcome the difficulties he faced.

It seems like it was all worth it, as he now enjoys living life with a sense of wonder and spontaneity that can only be attained after you’ve weathered life’s storms; His story is now an inspiration for a new generation of fearless entrepreneurs who are willing to bet the house in order to live free from limitations, following the footsteps of a man who always encourages others to dream bigger and demand more out of life.

When asked about his favorite spots in his hometown of Las Vegas, Richard stated:

I don’t love fancy places. It’s just not my style. Trust me I have been everywhere. But you bring me to local places with local people all saying hello and giving cheers to each other, that’s my style.”

As his friends will tell you, Rich is built different. He exudes a joyful and laid back energy that draws people to him, and in an effort to enjoy the real pleasures of life he goes out of his way to do nice things for others. He is known for surprising random strangers with gifts and picking up the check or sending them drinks when he visits restaurants or clubs. He enjoys being spontaneous and sharing his good fortune with others; These qualities make him one of the most beloved characters of Las Vegas, but he encounters similar responses from people around the world during his travels. What you give, you receive and that is a truth that Rich lives by.

I recently shared a conversation with Mr. Crighton, and he shared some insights into his epic lifestyle:

Name some of your celebrity acquaintances.

Well…my life is pretty chill now. I hang out with a small group of people.

In the past I have met up with or hung out with Amber Rose, Floyd Mayweather, Robin Thicke, Carey Hart, Above and Beyond, David Guetta, Zab Judah, Jermaine Dupri, Kristin Cavellari, Steve Holy and countless others. Honestly so many. 

Do you believe friends can become a good substitute for family?

I consider all my friends FAMILY.

What has been the best night of your life so far and why?

I have dined at the prince of Monaco’s estate. I have eaten $500 dollar pizzas in St. Tropez, taken a yacht through Australia and the great barrier reef, I have spent nights with Victoria´s Secret® models and Playboy® Playmates, but my favorite night is my first ever memory, when I was three years old my parents brought my brother home. And I said to him “we are going to be best friends.

That’s my favorite night. 

What are your three favorite cities on earth and why?

Kenya. The people are absolutely amazing. You have never seen a smile until you visit Africa. With limited resources or money, you see some of the happiest people ever. 

Istanbul. You can spend your entire life in this magical city and still not see everything. I experienced some of the greatest times of my life walking around the streets and speaking with the people. 

Croatia. Now a lot of people think I would say Dubai. And Dubai is a spectacle of the eye. But for me, my experiences are based on the people. Croatia also has some of the most generous and wonderful people you can ever meet. 

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