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The Sony SRS-XV500 Portable Party Speakers, Including A 25-hour Playback Duration And Karaoke Functionality, Has Been Released

Recently, Sony Electronics announced the launching of the SRS-XV500, a portable speaker with improved durability and sound quality. A variety of features make this new portable speaker suitable for both inside and outdoor entertaining.

The sound performance of the SRS-XV500 is what makes it so appealing. It has two X-Balanced Speaker Units that produce strong bass with less distortion and two tweeters that make sure the vocals are clear.

With its big batteries, the SRS-XV500 can play for up to 25 hours. Additionally, the speaker enables rapid charging, which allows for 2.5 hours of use from a 10-minute charge. This with the SRS-XV500’s IPX4 water resistance rating make it a good choice for outdoor events.

The SRS-XV500 has a karaoke capability with Echo and Key Control that lets karaoke enthusiasts customise the sound. Furthermore, the speaker features an additional input that can be used to link it to a guitar or another microphone, increasing its usefulness for group musical performances.

Moreover, the SRS-XV500 emphasises setting the right mood with its integrated lighting system, which is managed by the Fiestable smartphone app. It also works with the Sony | Music Centre app, which lets users control sound modes and playlists from a distance.

Cost and accessibility

The speaker is available for purchase at, Amazon, Best Buy, and other Sony authorised dealers for $399.99 USD/$549.99 CAN.

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