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Asus’exceptional version Zephyrus G14 accompanies its own DJ deck

In case there’s one company He trust to work really hard with utterly ridiculous computer ideas, it’s Asus. Last fall, the company worked with cyberpunky style planner Acronym to make possibly the most odd looking gaming PC I’ve at any point seen (the ZPHYRS G14 ACRNM). This year, it’s cooperated with mainstream DJ Alan Walker to make a less vanguard, more melodic variant of a similar gadget. This is the Zephyrus G14 Alan Walker Edition, a PC for gamers, DJs, and (preferably) gamer DJs.

The insides parts of this PC aren’t anything ROG fans haven’t seen previously. There’s only one configuration, selling for $1,999.99, which incorporates an AMD Ryzen 5900HS processor and a low-end GeForce RTX 3050 Ti designs card, just as a QHD 120Hz screen, 16GB of RAM, and 1TB of capacity. Along these lines, just honestly, this isn’t actually a reasonable buy except if you’re an Alan Walker superfan, in light of the fact that that equivalent cost can get you a non-Walker G14 with an all the more remarkable RTX 3060 GPU, just as 32GB of RAM.

In any case, it’s a lovely cool gadget. The cover is bound with an intelligent belt directing bystanders to “JOIN THE REPUBLIC” and “JOIN THE WALKERS.” Alan Walker’s logo — looking like A superimposed over a W — is imprinted in different spots, including the An and W keys just as on the nameplate. There’s a slanting line print on the touchpad intended to take after music equalizer examples, and there are sprinkles of dazzling blue — Walker’s #1 shading — across the console too. It’s anything but an unpalatable tasteful, similar to these unique versions some of the time have — it looks more like a standard G14 for certain beautiful changes.

Walker says the plan mirrors the look he’d need his own gadget to have. “They moved toward me and asked, what are your assumptions for the PC, what do you search for in a PC if you somehow managed to pick one yourself?” he revealed to The Verge in a meeting. “It was a lot of back and forth — like, a lot.”

The other cool thing is that the bundling this G14 comes in turns into a DJ deck when associated with the PC by means of USB-C. It’s not the most cutting edge undertaking — in the event that you lift up the paper floor, you’ll see a home of wires taped to the lower part of the container.

“That’s one of those crazy ideas where we ended up debating, would this be possible?” Walker said of the DJ box. “Asus is like ‘Yeah, cool, we can maybe think about something, figure something out,’ and then they came back with a box.” He added, “It’s so weird how it even works.”

He expected that this should be convoluted to set up for a non-DJ such as his, yet it was a breeze. Fitting the container into the G14, and a preloaded programming called ROG Remix opens naturally. You can play a tune inside that program, and afterward change it by squeezing different catches on the case. There are catches for things like speed, start/stop, and a couple of fundamental impacts.

This was — caveating, once more, that I’m not a DJ — loads of fun. The catches all worked, and the impacts sounded exceptionally cool to my undeveloped ears. It appears as though something you could undoubtedly use at a party, particularly since the G14’s speakers are phenomenal. The music was popping a bit toward the start, yet that appeared to get itself straightened out after a couple of tracks. For the most part, I’m impressed that this is all emerging from a plastic box.

Walker concurs that his G14 is a superior buy for individuals like me than it would be intended for real DJs. “It’s not really the main device to get assuming you need to begin with DJing, however it’s very a cool beginning stage,” says Walker. “I trust that individuals will utilize it to be imaginative and mess with music.”

He does, nonetheless, expect that he’ll utilize the G14 on his next visit. “It has all that He require, essentially, to work and get ready for my shows,” Walker says. “I can undoubtedly anticipate myself utilizing it consistently.” He says he may utilize it to design his set records before exhibitions, and to chip away at the visuals also.

He may likewise utilize it for some gaming in his extra time. “Recently I’ve been playing Call of Duty,” he says. “Likewise some Valorant.”

The ROG Zephyrus G14 Alan Walker Edition is accessible for preorder now on Asus’ site for $1,999.99, and will be accessible soon at SSENSE.

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