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The nutrition role in bodybuilding, according to Ali Ejlali, the Asian and world champion

In bodybuilding, for having a trained and fit body, you should have an appropriate and evaluated diet. Taking a bodybuilding diet into consideration can multiply your growth rate. People who usually pursue bodybuilding as a recreational or professional activity are concerned much about their nutrition and diet.

Accordingly, bodybuilders desire to have a fit and moderate body, normal weight, and in-shaped muscles. To be so, during recovery time and holidays, many bodybuilders follow a nutrition plan and eating routine different from that of workout days. Generally, a bodybuilding diet has different phases.

According to height, weight, metabolism, and other relevant factors, women, and men should get 1600-2400 and 2000-3000 calories per day, respectively, and obey the following tips:

Instead of eating few large meals, have several light meals. If you eat many times a day, your body metabolism will level up and burn more fats.

An appropriate mixture of micronutrition including carbohydrates, protein, and fats should be considered in your diet. Provide 50-60%, 12-20%, and 30% of your net required calories from carbohydrates, protein, and fat, respectively. Knowing micronutrition is the main key to a healthy and suitable diet.

In a bodybuilding diet, what nutrients we should consume and what must be prevented?

In addition to the sports trainer, a nutritionist is often asked for pieces of advice about the bodybuilding diet. During the exercise and workout period, one of the routines that bodybuilders often go through is bulking. In this routine which can last for months and years, bodybuilders aim to build muscles as much as possible by making intense efforts on consuming protein-rich nutrients along with heavy bodybuilding exercises. 

Another routine is severely losing fat while sustaining muscle mass. This is practicable by exerting special changes in diet and sports program during a period of 12 to 26 weeks. 

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