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Health authorities caution of severe influenza season

Health authorities are conveying an alarm to caution individuals about the current influenza season threat.

As indicated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, flu is an infectious respiratory sickness.

The CDC said the most ideal approach to keep this season’s flu virus is by getting inoculated.

Fever, chills, trouble breathing and vomiting are some of the symptoms individuals could involvement.

“Last year’s 80,000 deaths is what we’re trying to prevent this year,” Cincinnati Health Deptment spokeswoman Dr. Marilyn Crumpton said.

“We don’t want to have that many deaths from our babies or our older populations,” Crumpton said.

CDC said so far this season, between 6 million and 7 million individuals have been debilitated with influenza, and half of those individuals have looked for medicinal consideration for their ailment. The quantity of individuals hospitalized is around 85,000.

“Those of us who’ve had the flu know how sick you can become,” Hamilton County Health Commissioner Tim Ingram said.

He said it’s a noteworthy enemy of individuals who have compromised immune systems and the elderly.

So far there have been 60 instances of flu hospitalizations in Hamilton County.

Individuals can transmit the flu through coughing and sneezing in close contact with one another.

“That’s why staying home if you have it is important. It’s very contagious,” Ingram said.

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