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The creative director of Adina Creative Food and the founder of one of the premier communications agencies of Miami, Adina Brunetti, has recently launched her new book ‘Your Restaurant: Exceptional Customer Service.’ This book can act as a comprehensive and an exceptional guide for the restaurant owners to take their restaurant to a whole new level by means of top-notch customer service.

There is no denying the fact that this world has now become extremely competitive and fast-paced. There is cutthroat competition in the hospitality industry, and it is very challenging for restaurant owners to get an edge over others. Adina Brunetti is a leading and renowned communications expert in the field of restaurant and hospitality, and she understands the challenges the business owners are confronting on a regular basis.

In her latest book, Your Restaurant: Exceptional Customer Service,’ Adina has given a detailed guide with regards to providing premier customer service. She has used her considerable amount of experience in this field and provided a gist of it in her new book. We all know how the demands of customers constantly change and evolve. Therefore it is vital to understand the way to provide top-notch customer service in order to satisfy the ever-changing demands of customers and win their trust.

There are various factors that Adina has discussed in the second book she has released. These factors include the current scenario of the service and hospitality industry, the expectations of customers, the standard of services, the six various levels of service, the training and motivation of staff, ways to manage online reputation, and how to settle conflicts. After reading this amazing book and applying this effective approach, hospitality managers will be able to acquire skills and knowledge which are deemed essential in order to upscale their enterprise.

According to Adina Brunetti, “Marketing today is focused more on identifying consumption patterns. Customer experience is a system that makes the impressions and emotions of interacting with your product manageable. Customer experience design helps you to look at your product through the eyes of a guest, walk it through and discover barriers. It encourages the guest to make a return visit, order a dinner or recommend your place to friends. The goal of customer experience is a guest-centered solution that builds a relationship of trust. When you truly understand this, your work will be divided into before and after this realization.” Adina describes the ways to implement this in her book.

During the launch of her new book, Adina Brunetti said, “I’m really excited to get Your Restaurant: Exceptional Customer Service out there. Customer service has never been more important in the hospitality industry, but it can also be incredibly difficult to know the best practices to follow.

In this new book, I explore the whole customer journey, ensuring readers will be able to offer their clients truly unrivaled service that will see them return again and again.”

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