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“A human’s best friend is his body”, says fitness influencer Dan Martin Paul as he encourages positivity during the tough times

The world we are living in has become a digital ecosystem with everything accessible over the internet. Be it ordering food, shopping, education or fitness training; things have been made available for people over the webspace in this time of the COVID-19 pandemic. During the crisis, the overall well-being of a person has taken a toss including physical, emotional and mental state of mind. Along with work from home becoming a new normal, workout from home has also become a new fitness trend.

Going with the trend of virtual fitness, Dan Martin Paul has been making tremendous contributions in transforming people’s lives. Based in Drummondville, Quebec in Canada, Dan holds experience and expertise in fitness for more than a decade. Beginning his career at 18, he considers health and fitness as the utmost priority in his life. “I believe a human’s best friend is his body. In this life, everything can leave, but only a human body stays with you. So it is important to take care of it by doing regular workouts and having proper nutrition”, says Dan.

He furthermore went on to say that it took a pandemic like COVID-19 to test a human body’s immune system. According to Dan, what one consumes reflects in the personality. In these times, Dan is not just focusing on weight-loss and muscle gain transformations, but he also has an objective to keep people sane with a positive mindset. The fitness influencer lives by the ideology of #AlwaysReadyForIt, meaning one should be well prepared about the consequences and have a powerful mindset to any adversities of life.

“To face the worst, you must prepare for the best. And that is something I believe in and train my clients in a way that boosts their overall health”, adds Dan. In order to maintain productivity in his work, Dan Martin Paul has drawn a fine line between personal and professional life. As much as the profession is important to him, spending time with his family and loved ones is something that he pays complete attention to.

Till now, Dan has built a clientele who have reversed their health issues by following a disciplined lifestyle. Apart from being a fitness expert and an athlete, he also owns a brand named ‘DMP Fitness’, an apparel brand that sells fitness outfits and accessories. Currently, ‘DMP Fitness’ is eyeing to launch an array of fitness products including T-shirts, tanks, track pants, shoes, sippers and much more. “We are going step by step, and are in no rush to launch everything at one go. A lot of interesting products under the brand will be unveiled soon”, he concluded.

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