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The Mobvoi Home Walking Treadmill is Available For Convenient, Smart Personal Exercise

Its most recent home treadmill, according to Mobvoi, has been “simplified” and streamlined to the maximum degree feasible, eliminating the need for a front-mounted stand, a foldable design, or even a safety clip.

The ability to link and interface with other smart devices is still rated for the new Mobvoi Home Walking Treadmill, though, so users can continue to follow their at-home exercise content on their TVs, for example. In addition, it features a 7-segment LED display with its own remote control for “at your fingertips” readings of speed, time, distance, and/or calories burned.

The Home strolling Treadmill has settings for “mindful” strolling and “brisk” hiking, and it may be used for both walking and running, though only at speeds between 0.6 and 3.8 miles per hour (mph). It is also designed to blend in with any area of the house, including beneath a desk, while yet housing features like shock absorption and a “5-ply running belt” in a sturdy frame.

Additionally, the TicWatch series of smartwatches and the new treadmill can sync. It is available for purchase on Mobvoi and Amazon for $219.99.

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