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The journey of making passion a profession by Lena the fashion influencer.

Lena was based in Ukraine in her early age and shifted to US in 96. The influencer had a hobby of designing clothes with distinctive colors. Colors interest the influencer.

Lena today is 40 years old and is a successful fashion influencer.Fashion influencer are the people who showcase their love for fashion with different trends and style. Fashion influencers promote brands, photographers, makeup artist, stylist, contentent writer, editor and influencer who promotes on social media.

In 1999-2000 Lena faced some health problems with chronic illness. This was a setback for her as it gave the thought of quitting her hobby. But she emerged out as fighter and defeated such negative thoughts. Her journey is very inspiring for people who face such issues.

Lena started her Instagram page where she posted her new styles and designs. She was fond for colors as it make her feel better whenever she dressed up. She also believed every color has an energy of its own. Her work showed that she had involved in minute details in each and every design to bring out the perfect color of the attire. Her page also share some beauty and health tips as it is important for every individual especially who take fashion very seriously. She promotes natural beauty agents over chemical ones. She also share the experience of her trips. Travelling and carrying fashion is the combination every individual would like to have. This not only refreshes our mood but also makes memory alive every time you think about the trip. She also shares some skills on how to purchase products. A perfect stylist looks after the minute details of the product and accessories in order to make a perfect combination.

Lena influences the young generation with her journey and passion for fashion. She dreams to get better every day and create new and unique design. She also want to write a book which will help and motivate the youth to chase their dreams.

To know more and have deep look of Lena’s journey and style follow into@panthere_instyle on Instagram and

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