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Fashion Influencer

The journey of making passion a profession by Lena the fashion influencer.

Lena was based in Ukraine in her early age and shifted to US in 96. The influencer had a hobby of designing clothes with distinctive colors. Colors interest the influencer. Lena today is 40 years old and is a successful…

Youmna Khoury on How Instagram Has Helped Her With Her Work

The youngest entrepreneur in the Middle East, that too a woman, Youmna Khoury has taken the world by storm. Her fashion and lifestyle blog on instagram with nearly 574,000 followers has definitely helped her achieve the success she needed. Other…

Olga Ferrara NYFW collaboration with JUS10H

By Shahonna Anderson¬†October 1st, 2020 NYFW during the pandemic was just one of the many successful events to happen for recently named “Fashion Lifestyle Icon” and #7 Top entrepreneur JUS10H! 2020 made way for several business opportunities for entrepreneurs such…

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