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Where to start in makeup, to get to high income. Thoughts of Tahmineh Chizari, Iranian famous and professional makeup artist

Makeup is a profession that is directly related to the artistic taste of people. In this profession, to be the best and gain a high income, you need to be very professional to outperform your competitors and attract many customers.

Choosing a good institute

Wedding makeup courses, chignon training, or makeup training courses are some fields that have a significant market and future. In these courses, students learn how to cover customers’ facial imperfections using different techniques and make them look more beautiful than they ever did. Choosing a good institute can be very helpful to achieve this goal. Because you can learn all necessary techniques and deploy various tools and cosmetic products in a professional institute, keep in mind that people continually spend money to gain more beauty. So, the more you practice in this field, the more chance you will have to achieve success.

Education under the supervision of reputable tutors

A good and reputable institute must use professional tutors who have the necessary knowledge and skills. Regarding this, tutors should have a brilliant background and a good resume and teach the students the newest and most up-to-date techniques with the best methods. Students can check the training course requirements by reviewing the educational techniques and work experience of the institute tutors.

Lots of practice and perseverance

Despite the importance of a good and professional training course, you need to remember that the educational system is for your education only. But to master and gain professionalism in work, you must have lots of practice. To do this, you can ask your relatives and friends to be your model to perform whatever technique you have learned in the institute on the model and achieve proficiency. 

Having effective communication skills

One of the most critical factors is having practical communication skills with the customers. You need to satisfy the customer with friendly and decent behavior fully. In that case, the customer will be more willing to visit you once more and even introduce more customers to you.

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