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The “biggest” Update From The Company Since The Release Of The Original IPhone Is Expected To Be iOS 18

Along with other improvements for the iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac, Apple is set to unveil its iOS 18 update at its WWDC 2024 event in June. But with some really interesting improvements planned, iOS 18 will be the company’s most major iPhone release to date. Considering the amount of noteworthy improvements that iOS 18 will bring to the table, a well-known analyst predicts that it will be Apple’s largest upgrade for the iPhone.

The iPhone will get major additions in iOS 18, the most in the device’s history, with AI and RCS at the top of the list.

According to Mark Gurman’s most recent Power On email, iOS 18 might be the largest update the iPhone has seen since its introduction in 2007. The platform, along with watchOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS 15, will be unveiled at the company’s WWDC 2024 event in June. Stay tuned as the analyst will be sharing additional information soon. Some of the primary features of iOS 18 are already known to us, but more details will be revealed in the upcoming months.

It was recently claimed that AI-derived capabilities for the iPhone are finally on Apple’s agenda. Regarding generative AI capabilities for the iPhone, the business is trailing the competition; nevertheless, iOS 18 has the potential to be the upgrade that turns things around. As we previously mentioned, the business is developing a huge language model that is comparable to ChatGPT. The company plans to introduce the technology as part of iOS features, albeit the application may differ.

iOS 18 will provide another big update for the iPhone in addition to AI. After much denial, the business decided to implement RCS on its devices. Since RCS offers a number of advantages over the current standard, Google has been pressuring Apple to implement it on the iPhone for some time. While iMessage provided the same capability via the internet, the firm waited years to acquire support for RCS. RCS now offers improved capabilities to both Android and iPhone phones, improving communication between them.

For example, iOS 18’s RCS integration allows the iPhone to send high-definition images and videos, send voice messages, type indicators, read receipts, improve encryption, and much more. Finally, Android users will get a taste of what iMessage is like. Still, not much is known about the programme as the company works with Google to put the modifications into effect.

As previously said, later this year at its developers conference, Apple will unveil iOS 18. At the event, the business will reveal new features that will be included in the iPhone update. Although there are currently no details available, it is possible that the corporation may also offer visual updates to the platform. New information will be released as soon as it is available

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