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HP has Released a Number of New Chromebooks, with Prices Starting at $299

This week, HP is launching a number of new 2024 Chromebook models, with starting prices of $299.

HP is releasing four new 14-inch Chromebooks for 2024, two of which are part of the Chromebook Plus program, and they are available now.

The HP Chromebook 14a is the first model in the range. This system includes a 14-inch 1366×768 monitor, an Intel N100 processor, and 4GB of RAM, and it starts at $299. It’s a really basic device, but it boasts two speakers facing upward and USB-C charging.

The first two Chromebook Plus models from HP for 2024 are the next in line.

In addition to having a better display than the less expensive variant, the HP Chromebook Plus 14a sports an Intel Core i3-N305 engine coupled with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of UFS storage. While the panel is still 14 inches, it is brighter at 300 nits as opposed to 250 nits in the lower-end model and displays 1080p. This one’s starting price is $529.

Currently accessible is the HP Chromebook Plus X360 14b as well. Similar in appearance to the Chromebook Plus 14a, this laptop also has a touchscreen and a 360-degree hinge, which allows you to use the device as a tablet when the display is turned around.

It costs $599 more than the average.

Lastly, a normal HP Chromebook X360 14b will also be available, with a starting price of $399. In order to have a lower price tag, it will have less specs than the Plus. According to HP, this device will be accessible later in April.

What HP Advises Shops to Anticipate is as Follows:

  • Available now at, the HP Chromebook 14a ($299 USD) will soon be available at Amazon, Walmart, QVC, and Target.
  • Soon to be available at, Amazon, Costco, Best Buy, Walmart, and Target is the HP Chromebook X360 14b ($399).
  • Available now at, the HP Chromebook Plus 14a ($529) will soon be available at Costco, Amazon, and QVC.
  • Available now at, the HP Chromebook Plus X360 14b ($599) will soon be available at Amazon and Walmart.

HP said to have used more recycled materials in the production of its complete Chromebook series for 2024.

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