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The Beatles’ Final Song Revived by Artificial Intelligence, Set for November Debut

“Now and Then” marks the last collaboration of Lennon, McCartney, Harrison, and Starr.

After years of anticipation, “Now and Then,” the final song on which John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr collaborated, is finally set to debut next month. This remarkable resurrection of The Beatles’ unfinished song was made possible through the application of cutting-edge artificial intelligence, breathing new life into the iconic music group’s legacy.

This AI-powered project owes its existence to WingNut Films’ machine-assisted learning technology, the same innovative tech that contributed to Peter Jackson’s critically acclaimed 2021 Disney Plus docuseries, “The Beatles: Get Back.” This groundbreaking series, a treasure trove of never-before-seen Beatles footage, utilized AI to de-mix and isolate the band members’ speaking voices in historical recordings.

Earlier this year, Paul McCartney dropped a tantalizing hint about the AI tech’s capabilities. The same technology used to restore historical footage was also employed to retrieve John Lennon’s vocals from a vintage cassette tape containing the unfinished track, “Now and Then,” recorded as a demo in the 1970s. Fast forward to today, and the group has made a historic announcement: “Now and Then” will be released as a fully produced song. Additionally, fans will be treated to “Now and Then – The Last Beatles Song,” a 12-minute documentary directed by Oliver Murray, offering an inside look at the song’s production.

In a recent press release, Paul McCartney expressed his profound emotions, stating that hearing John Lennon’s voice on “a genuine Beatles recording” in 2023 left him “quite emotional.” Ringo Starr, likewise, conveyed the sentimentality of the project, describing it as “the closest we’ll ever come to having [Lennon] back in the room.”

In a move that ensures this remarkable piece of music history reaches fans worldwide, “Now and Then” will be available for streaming and downloading. Moreover, it will be released as a double A-side vinyl single, featuring “Love Me Do,” the Beatles’ debut song, in both seven-inch and 12-inch formats.

The unveiling of “Now And Then – The Last Beatles Song” is scheduled for November 1st, while “Now and Then” is set to drop on November 2nd. Finally, fans can anticipate the music video for the song, which is scheduled for its debut on November 3rd.

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