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Raring to reach the top of the rap scene, enter German rapper NASHEW.

He has proved what incredible a performer he is by the many hit songs he has given so far, gaining immense love from listeners. Of the many things that have turned heads of people worldwide and attracted maximum attention of…

How to succeed in rap ?! Full description by Amir Naseri

Rap helps you to convey your creative message to the world. No matter how good the beat and sound of the music is, it is still not enough, if the lyrics are bad, it will not do a good job….

The famous rapper Chvrsi gave a brief explanation about the difference between rap and hip hop

Establishing Hip Hop It all started in the Harlem neighborhood of New York City, USA; where in the early seventies a group of young African-Americans decided to take their style out of the old and entrenched music of popular culture….

Francis Volpe Garners Critical Acclaim for his Freestyle Music

Bronx-born rapper Francis Volpe has “Trust” on his mind as he unveils his latest offering, premiered today exclusively on AllHipHop. Francis Volpe new single is multidimensional in nature and displays his promising future in the rap game, with a melodic…

Ingenious rapper, M City JR, releasing jaw-dropping rap music albums

The best-known Detroit-based rapper, M City JR, has recently released the much-awaited song, PIZZA PIZZA. With rhythmic street rap music and signature recurring beats, he has already created a wave in the music world. In fact, Detroit is proud of…

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