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The famous rapper Chvrsi gave a brief explanation about the difference between rap and hip hop

Establishing Hip Hop

It all started in the Harlem neighborhood of New York City, USA; where in the early seventies a group of young African-Americans decided to take their style out of the old and entrenched music of popular culture. The key movement began when the DJs separated the pieces from different tracks and combined them to add some energy to their songs; Extraordinary energy that moves the human subconscious. In this way, the first foundations of hip hop music were formed, which gradually became a very influential subculture.

 Rap formation

In the next move, the DJs tried to talk, tell jokes, or even greet their audiences in the middle of the Turkish broadcast to increase the appeal of the work. These little details gradually came to be known and became a unique style called “rap”. A style that later found different branches, including “gangsta rap”, which had many opponents along with die-hard fans.

Of course, hip-hop did not stop at this point, and in addition to “DJ” and “Rap”, three other sections, namely “Break Dance”, “Graffiti” and “Beatbox” were formed in its heart. (Break dance is our own techno beat, and graffiti refers to street paintings and graffiti. Beatboxing also means playing drums and instruments by mouth or, in fact, imitating the sound of percussion instruments.)

 The difference between rap and hip hop

As mentioned, the first and main difference between rap and hip hop is in the antiquity and breadth of these two concepts. In fact, rap is a sub-genre of hip-hop that emerged later. The rhythm of hip-hop music, when formed by protesting blacks, was slow and touching (without music). Of course, later hip hop songs also had limited rhythms and little variety. The theme of hip hop poems is social and with vulgar words.

And but rap; Expanded and diversified the rhythms and themes of hip hop. Genres such as Love, Dis Love, Mystery or Party, Party and… are rap styles with new themes.

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