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Raring to reach the top of the rap scene, enter German rapper NASHEW.

He has proved what incredible a performer he is by the many hit songs he has given so far, gaining immense love from listeners.

Of the many things that have turned heads of people worldwide and attracted maximum attention of theirs, the rise of young talented beings and creative professionals has made the most headlines. Among several industries, the music and the entertainment niches have been those that have produced many of such phenomenal talents. Few from this lot have crossed boundaries in order to reach their highest potential and get nearer their goals and visions in life. They created newer opportunities for themselves and went ahead to become unique music artists in the industry, which is known for its massive competition. We came across NASHEW, who, as a young talent, created new opportunities for himself and came up with hit tracks.

German rapper NASHEW always believed in his dreams in life, and without focusing on what others did in their journeys, he kept moving ahead on his path, facing challenges head-on, but never losing hope. This positive approach and attitude turned him into an extraordinary rap artist who today is increasingly sought by many in and outside the music space. Though he had to fight tooth and nail just like other rising artists had to, he still hustled his way to the top, inspiring others through his journey; such is the powerful presence NASHEW has created for himself in the industry.

Everything that had to do with music was his happy place, NASHEW (@nickytaschew) confesses. He started transforming his experiences and deepest emotions into raps, which gave rise to songs like Monopoly, Hebe Jetzt Ab, Shadows, Dreams, and the latest Hardcore Gang Member. Diving deep into music, according to him, was one of the best decisions he ever made in his life. Even as a songwriter, he has excelled in the world of music and now can’t wait to come up with more exciting new tracks to soothe people’s ears and souls.

Listen to his songs now on Spotify and other major streaming sites.

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