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Meet Rumour, an office worker by day and a musician by night

Rumour is a man who turned from an ordinary person to an exceptionally talented musician. He was born in Brandywine, Maryland. His childhood years were spent in a catholic school at St.Johns. Rumour never pictured himself as a musician but…

Giulzy Gonzalez as a musician has proven his mettle by showcasing outstanding work

His never ending passion to achieve the best has got him to race ahead of competition and make his own distinct mark. There are many artists whose versatility and passion towards the craft take them to astounding heights of success….

Pitbull’s Sirius XM Channel 13’s DJ J Star Continues His Weekly Show

International rapper, singer, and musician Pitbull has been featuring many DJs on his Sirius XM Channel 13 to-do shows. One weekly show that has been going on for some time now and is done by DJ J Star is now…

Q the Music – the story behind the Military man turned Musician

Michael Trucks famously known as “Q the Music” is one of the emerging songwriters and performers. He has the art of telling stories with his songs. Being a military man, he writes the songs on the basis of his life…

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