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Meet Rumour, an office worker by day and a musician by night

Rumour is a man who turned from an ordinary person to an exceptionally talented musician. He was born in Brandywine, Maryland. His childhood years were spent in a catholic school at St.Johns. Rumour never pictured himself as a musician but he realised his passion for it when he watched School Of Rock. He absolutely loved the movie. He decided to learn new instruments such as Guitar, Drums, Piano and so on. He also took an active interest in singing. “I can remember going to a music store with my stepdad and purchasing my first studio where I would make rap songs with my friends for fun. But then I started taking music more seriously and writing songs.” During this time, he made sure to record his songs to track his progress.

Rumour loves his girlfriend and wishes to spend his spare time taking her out on dates. Besides this, his hobbies include playing video games, watching animes and superhero movies and TV shows. Rumour has a very fun personality. His humour game is strong and he makes fun of almost everything. He claims that it might get annoying for some people but regardless, who does not love a goofy guy? In spite of having such an optimistic personality, Rumour too has his times of stress. He copes with anxiety and stress by taking showers and meditating as it apparently helps him to calm down. When your mind is calm, you are more prone to making the right decisions.

As a musician, you need to have some source of motivation that will drive you to create new music. For Rumour, Blackbear is the source of inspiration that motivates him to write new songs. Besides a motivating source, you also need a mentor to function properly. Rumour’s manager named Aliem Jumpp has been his mentor forever. He had taught Rumour everything that he needed to know in order to be successful in the music industry. Without him, Rumour would not have reached the level that he is on today.  

Rumour does not believe in an ideal world. He knows that behind every success story, there are countless times of failure and disappointment. However, this should not stop you from chasing your dream. He dreams of becoming a caring husband and father and also keeps producing music as it is his true passion! We wish him the best of luck in all his future endeavours.

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