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Sticky Rice: On its way to becoming one of the most talked-about Thai food outlets in Abu Dhabi

Sticky Rice’s outlet at Dubai’s Jumeirah Village Circle has done wonders and made its way into the hearts of food lovers.

It is essential to learn more about established brands and businesses that followed their path to growth and were created from the ground up. Among these businesses, the F&B industry has seen the rise of many magnificent food brands and companies; however, a few have made their way to the top, just like Sticky Rice did in just a few months with its entry into the Abu Dhabi restaurant industry. Many of these businesses did not follow in the footsteps or imitate the success of the others in their industry, instead made sure as a team to carve their unique niche to eventually stand apart from the rest in many incredible ways.

Sticky Rice is already a well-renowned name as an original brand doing wonders in the Jumeirah Village Circle of Dubai. In April 2023, it also entered the Abu Dhabi markets to win the hearts of food lovers, especially Thai food enthusiasts and diners. This is a passion project of a late exemplary chef named Amena Rakkuson (affectionately known as Mama) and her son Mo Abedin, who has been now taking forward his mother’s visions to great heights with Sticky Rice. It was in November 2021 when they first announced the opening of Sticky Rice in Abu Dhabi on Instagram, calling out all the beautiful people in Abu Dhabi to enjoy Mama’s food with the best Thai culinary experiences.

Sticky Rice is beautifully located on the first floor of Yas Mall and has been offering diners signature dishes with a hint of their unique style. Also, their Instagrammable duck mascot “Kew” helps the brand stand out from the rest. Coming back to its incredible dishes, Sticky Rice takes great inspiration from its original restaurant in Dubai. They offer everything from starters, salads and soups to noodles, fragrant curries, rice, and stir fry. Some of its signature dishes include Spicy Kaeng Keaw Wan, Pad See Ew Pak, Som Tum Thai and also a series of seafood platters to satiate one’s hunger for delectable dishes. Also, another signature dish, especially for the Abu Dhabi location, is a selection of Thai BBQ dishes and Thai Roti stuffed with Banana and Nutella with a generous amount of condensed milk to cater to diners’ sweet carvings.

The award-winning restaurant has been doing exceedingly well in Abu Dhabi, where people love to drive down, manage to stand in queues and enjoy the delicious delicacies and dishes of Sticky Rice (@stickyriceae).

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