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Siri will enable anyone to create apps for Apple’s mixed-reality headset

Even if you don’t know how to code, Apple’s rumored mixed reality headset might help you create apps. According to the sources, Apple is working on a tool that would let anyone use Siri to create augmented reality apps. You could have digital animals scurrying around the room without the need for modeling, animation, or conventional programming software by simply telling the voice assistant what you want.

Fabric Software, a Canadian company that Apple bought in secret in 2017, is said to be the foundation for the augmented reality creation tool. Using procedural generation, a method utilized in games like No Man’s Sky, developers could automate the creation of environments and objects with the Fabric Engine, a startup that was acquired. The development tool project is believed to be managed by Peter Zion, a co-founder of Fabric. In 2016, Apple also purchased DigitalRune, which aimed to simplify 3D game development.

Additionally, Apple might spare you the trouble of designing individual headset app objects. If everything goes according to plan, you could scan and import objects that would behave and look realistic. You wouldn’t have to rely on stock models made by Apple. Object Capture, which uses iPhone photos to create 3D models, and RoomPlan, which uses virtual floor plans, appear to be part of these efforts.

The business has so far declined to comment. Although the status of the Siri-based development tool is unknown, sources claim that Apple intended to release the suite concurrently with the headset. The wearable could be available as soon as this spring, according to rumors.

The initial mixed reality headset, rumored to be called Reality Pro, may be very expensive and targeted more at professionals than everyday users, according to previous rumors. Leaks, on the other hand, suggest that Apple is still working on features like FaceTime calls with avatars and health and fitness apps that might include a meditation experience. By encouraging the app ecosystem, Apple may be paving the way for a lower-priced wearable. By the time a headset you can afford is available, there may be a lot of apps.

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