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Sageer Nelliparamban Changes Payments Industry

Sageer Nelliparambam is an expert Computer Engineer with a proven history of his impact in the retail industry. With his competent skill in Documentation, HTML, Business Strategy, Active Directory, and Web Services, he has been able to lay his impact on various companies as a developer. Also, with a MITM-focused in IT from Charles Darwin University, he has garnered a wide range of experience from companies like Aegis media, Telstra business system, and leading-edge computers.

Sageer Nelliparambam is a professional developer having two Masters degrees in IT from Melbourne University, Australia to his name. He is the brain behind the innovative development of an Online checkwriter, and this program is taking over the finance industry by a storm.

What is OnlineCheckWriter?

It is a major payment platform company in the United States that developed the online check writing and payment program that offers the service of sending digital checks and mailing physical ones at no transaction fee. It is suitable for all types of companies and individuals as a substitute for printing checks.

Sageer Nelliparambam is the brain behind and the developer of this innovative program. He works as the company’s Chief Executive Officer, who is in charge of research and development. Besides, he oversees the company data, assures their security and maintenance, and maintains the company’s network. Also, he oversees the development of policies and enhances customer service with technology.

What problem does online checkwriter solve?

The use of manual payment settlement in the last 30 years has made institutions struggle with digital transformation resulting in them being mandated to comply with several regulations. Small scale and medium scale businesses waste a lot of funds and time on transaction fees and hope for funds’ availability.

Fraudulent checks and unauthorized checks is yet another problem for business. Writing a check can roughly cost about $7.78 in tracking, mailing, and creating every payment. This amount might look insignificant, but with the population of check businesses, it is a significant expense of thousands, if not millions of dollars yearly.


1. Online checkwriter has allowed companies and individuals to cut costs by allowing them to use blank check papers.

2. It has reduced the prevalence of fraudulence checks

3. Eases payment by accepting them through fax, email, phone, and others.

4. With Online Checkwriter, you can forward check through postal services.

5. Online checkwriter, in conjunction with QuickBooks and over 1800 banks, safeguards their customers at all times.

Founded in 2008, OnlineCheckWriter has backing from the Bank of America and boasts of well over 121,000 customers with local and federal government corporations and small businesses inclusive. Customers have trusted them to send well over $5 billion of checks for payment in the last 18 months. The company has processed more than 1.8 million transactions with between 300 400 customers every day.

OnlineCheckWriter has been an integral part of the United States financial world. The company offers check printing software in conjunction with over 1,800 banks and QuickBooks accounting software. Based on feedback, the company was rated 4.7 stars judging from several reviews.

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