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Rising Artist Selldretti Recalls Time At West Point

CEO of Selldretti Music takes a trip down memory lane

Cadet? West Point? These are terms that are rarely associated with the music industry, but independent artist Selldretti bridges the gap as he is also a graduate of the United States Military Academy class of 2019.“This is a pretty cool fun-fact that I get to spill into the world as an artist that I am also proud to say,” says Selldretti.

Before Selldretti made a name for himself in the music industry, he was one of the few chosen ones to attend one of  the prestigious service academies in West Point, which the acceptance rate is a surprising 12%. He ended up applying through his time as an enlisted Soldier serving in the Army. He was assigned to a Signal Company in Fort Drum where his hard work and dedication to be the best ultimately paid off. “My main focus was to do whatever I could to stand out among my peers so I could win the support of my chain of command to help me with my West Point application,” says the Columbus, Ga native.

Eventually his dreams became reality when he received the “go” for admission to the United StatesMilitary Academy Preparatory School, a place where Soldiers and recruited athletes go to improve their academics before going to the main campus.Selldretti graduated from the prep school in 2015 and started his journey in the academy the following summer.

“Times were rough for me,” says Selldretti. “My Mom and grandfather had recently died, and I didn’t have any family with me so I felt pretty lonely at times”. That’s the thoughts Selldretti were having when he first started out as a freshman, recalling having a 1.5 GPA and on the brink of being separated from the school. “I knew I had to work twice as hard to be able to graduate” recalls Selldretti.  He eventually finished his cadet career with a 2.1 GPA, just enough to graduate and receive his Bachelors Degree in Law.

“West Point played a huge part in my life as well as my development as an artist and as a human being in general”, says the CEO of Selldretti Music. Selldretti created his independent label while also splitting time being a cadet.  With the work load a cadet carries, it’s very impressive that Selldretti was able to find the time to excel in both his cadet obligations and his music. “Once I started to pick my academics back up, I began to find balance, and it ultimately worked out because I was able to excel in both at the same time,” implies Selldretti.

About Selldretti

Selldretti is an independent article from Columbus, Ga and CEO of his own label Selldretti Music.

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