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Scott Hughes of Manchester Connecticut Creates A Space For Authors To Promote Their Books Through His Website OnlineBookClub

As a new generation is paving the way towards advancements in technology, spilling over  into the publishing industry. Libraries have been becoming obsolete and e-reading has taken control over the masses. Scott Hughes’ uses the website to make it easy to connect with other readers, similar to how you would go to a weekly book club. You get the freedom to decide what books you want to read and at what pace. 

There is a community of 2 million people connected through this site, with a hand-selected list of books to choose from. All free in exchange for honest reviews. These reviews are what helps the authors receive notability for their work.

With such a large, tight-knit group of people creating discourse about your book, you are sure to get a bigger reach from it. Scott Hughes, being an author himself, understands how important real reviews can be especially to aspiring writers. His goal is to create a strong relationship with writers and help them share and develop their art. 

He is the author of the best-selling books “Justice; A Novella”, “ 10 Step Plan To Promote Your Book”, “Achieve Your Dreams”, and “The Banned Book About Love.” He also sits on the board of education for his hometown in Manchester Connecticut. Having the insight that Scott Hughes has into the publishing industry is important when creating a user-friendly platform for readers and writers. 

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