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Jimmy Lemieux Rise to the top of the Real Estate Industry in Montreal

Jimmy Lemeiux known as Jimmy Lemieux on all social media is a force to reckon with in the real estate sector in Montreal. His passion in pursuing goals to logical conclusions made him a success in the real estate business and he has not looked back since he started this venture in 2015.

Lemieux, born July 1st 1986 at Laval is highly equipped in several skills that make him exceptional in all his endeavours. A social media and marketing strategy expert, Lemieux excels in real estate and is greatly sought after. has become identified with real estate. Many clients keep coming back and new ones come through recommendations.

Lemieux has one of the social networks with the largest number of members in Quebec. His circle of contacts is an asset that provides him with unparalleled visibility, linking him to ever increasing number of clients. Client satisfaction is his number one priority.

Lemieux did not start with real estate business. He had experiences in event planning back in 2004 when he founded A2Z Production, an event planning company which organized famous parties in Greater Montreal.

He worked in the hospitality industry for a long time and in 2015, he became the owner of La Fabrique a Noire in Boisbriand, a bar and restaurant established. However, this project failed and Lemieux understood with great humility that he needed to learn more. He went back to school.

With the experiences he gathered while in the event business that had venues in Ocean Drive in Saint-Eistache, Bal en Blanc at the bell cente, New City Gas, Opera in Montreal, Moomba in Laval, Lemieux gained much needed contacts and grounds for his launch in the real estate world for he came across several big personalities.

Lemieux had been in the real estate business for five Years and has sold about 500 houses which by far exceeds the average achievement in this profession proving his expertise. The average number of houses an agent could sell in a year is 17 houses. The number Lemieux achieved in five years hives him the strength of one with 30 years experience. He attributes his success to having work ethics. He says, “Attentive and efficient, I dedicate myself to the maximum for my clients. The quality of my services will exceed your expectations.”

Lemieux has received several awards for his success on the real estate industry in Montreal. He says that his key skill set are ability to execute, attention to detail, closing sales commitment, biggest one would be customer-oriented. He says that customer satisfaction is the most important. Exceeding expectations and remaining positive are great assets too. Then for you to excel in this business, Lemieux says one must show transparency in everything.

Lemieux has built over the time a network on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, 1.2 million followers on his different pages related mostly to real estate. He goes all out to achieve customer satisfaction for it gives him joy to help people find the right property that suits their dream’s.

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