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Revive Dental Teeth Whitening Services: Process and Benefits

The Revive Dental popularized the at-home teeth whitening kits in Winnipeg that come with a whitening gel and teeth trays.

Teeth whitening is the most common dental care procedure used by Winnipeg natives. The proximity of affordable yet high-quality dental care centers like Revive Dental has enabled them to get the best teeth whitening services Winnipeg ever has.

Revive Dental Teeth Whitening

Revive Dental Winnipeg has a specialist category for teeth whitening services. World-renowned dental practitioners like Dr. Paresh Shah head the department. The teeth whitening services are a part of the comprehensive cosmetic dentistry services available at Revive Dental.

The teeth whitening process at Revive Dental is highly safe and convenient. They offer a take-home tooth whitening kit for the patients to use from their homes. The center makes customized whitening trays for each patient for effective and quick results.

Revive Dental Teeth Whitening: Process

  • Revive Dental uses an at-home whitening kit to properly whiten the patient’s teeth.
  • The teeth whitening kits of Revive Dental come with a mild bleaching gel and custom-made teeth trays.
  • The teeth trays of the whitening kit are custom-made for the patient as per the many scans taken at Revive Dental.
  • The teeth trays are correctly adjusted every time the patient visits Revive Dental.
  • The users must apply the whitening gel to the teeth trays and wear it for about thirty minutes daily.
  • It is advisable to only leave the whitening gel for the prescribed time.
  • The teeth trays are made as per the patient’s teeth measurement. So it fits just right and does not cause any fit issues.
  • The patient has to continue the application of whitening gel for at least two weeks for visible results.
  • In some patients, the whitening gel may take up to four weeks to show visible results.
  • Revive Dental only uses premium quality whitening gels that have government authorization.

Revive Dental Teeth Whitening: Benefits

Undergoing teeth whitening at Revive Dental comes with a good number of benefits. Some of them are as follows.

  • Revive Dental offers teeth whitening services at a highly affordable price range.
  • The custom-made teeth trays at Revive Dental are made of high-quality material by highly skilled professionals. So the results will be quick and optimum.
  • The at-home dental whitening kits available at Revive Dental are incredibly convenient to use.
  • The teeth whitening kits of Revive Dental guarantee the best results for the patients. As per the reviews of past patients, the results start showing within a few weeks.
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