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Invisalign Treatment at Rivers Edge Orthodontics – A Brilliant & Effective Dental Care Solution

Do you think Invisalign is just for kids? Then, learning about Invisalign treatment at Rivers Edge can change your perception.

Rivers Edge Orthodontics provides top-tier Invisalign treatment, whether it is for teens troubled by gapped teeth or adults looking for misaligned teeth treatment options.

What Is Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign is one of the best and oldest known clear aligner products used for straightening or realigning teeth. It was introduced in the market back in 1998.

Over the past couple of decades, Invisalign has grown in popularity in the market as a brilliant and effective option for realigning or straightening teeth. Over the other options available in the market, Invisalign offers much more reliability and effective results in realigning the teeth.

Invisalign Treatment for Teens & Adults

In today’s time, Invisalign is the most popular orthodontic treatment. It is the least invasive and offers the best results. The best part of Invisalign is it’s invisibility. The invisibility makes sure that the patient’s dental hygiene routine stays unchanged.

Invisalign offers an almost transparent solution to the dental problem. Embrace the future of orthodontics and ditch the wires with the Invisalign treatment at Rivers Edge Orthodontics.

Why Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign treatment is a magical solution for various Orthodontic problems, including crowded teeth and misaligned teeth. Some of the primary reasons for opting for Invisalign treatments are stated below:

Invisalign Is Pain-Free And Comfortable The braces can cause discomfort inside of the mouth and can also raise the risk of injury while playing contact sports. On the other hand, Invisalign, being clear plastic aligners, won’t cause any problems like irritation, discomfort, or pain of any kind. It won’t hinder the patient from doing any of the activities.

Invisalign Is A Discreet TreatmentMany people don’t like the braces and even run from the treatment involving braces. This is because braces involve metal wires that are visible to the eyes and can be easily noticed.

But Invisalign is totally different. It is made up of a clear plastic that is invisible and hard to notice. So, it boosts confidence, allowing the user to smile without worrying about getting noticed very easily.

Invisalign Is RemovableThe convenient feature of using Invisalign is that, unlike other options like braces, it can be removed for sometime.

Yes, you heard it right! Invisalign is not something fixed to teeth that cannot be removed without the help of a dentist.

For most of the day, about 20-22 hours per day, one should keep their Invisalign on. But for some time, it can be taken off.

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