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Redmi K50 Is At Last Getting The January 2024 Security Patch And HyperOS Update

In China, Xiaomi is now offering a reliable HyperOS upgrade for the Redmi K50. the firmware update.ULNCNXM, which has a file size of about 5.7GB, is currently available to all users. After a successful small-scale user test, the deployment is incremental and could take some time to reach every unit. But the update also adds a number of new features and enhancements. Below are further details:

The latest upgrade includes all of HyperOS’s latest features combined with all of Android 14’s luxury. The January 2024 security patch is included in the update along with the new features and improvements. It seeks to improve power efficiency and system performance. The smartphone may overheat or experience other problems for a few days following the upgrade. However, after everything has been optimised for the new system, it will return to normal soon.

After receiving the HyperOS Developer Version and a few beta releases, the Sable build is now available for the Redmi K50. The Redmi K50 is at last getting the Hyper OS, since it is mentioned in the second batch to receive it.

To obtain the most recent firmware, users should navigate to Device Settings > About > Software Update > Check for Update. Make sure your smartphone has enough storage and battery life left before updating. If not, it could lead to problems and possibly corrupt data.At last, the Redmi K50 is getting the HyperOS Update with the January 2024 Security Patch.

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