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Proof of possibly destructive mosquito-borne virus found in Mercer County

Proof of Eastern Equine Encephalitis — which can cause a possibly deadly disease — has been found in a Mercer County people group, as per the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

Authorities with the Department of Environmental Protection will spraying for mosquitoes Wednesday in Stoneboro, where the proof was found. The spraying will occur in the region of McComb Road, Route 965, Bradley Road and Hendersonville Road, contingent upon the climate.

EEE is an uncommon however genuine illness brought about by an virus. The virus taints infects birds that live in freshwater swamps and is spread from bird to bird by infected mosquitoes.

In the event that a mosquito tainted with the infection chomps a steed or human, the animal or individual can end up wiped out. Symptoms range from a high fever and headache to swelling of the cerebrum, making a few patients go into a coma.

There is no remedy for EEE and three of each 10 individuals who get the sickness pass on from it.

All doctors can do is bring down the fever and facilitate the pressure on the brain. A few people who endure this disease will be for all time crippled. Barely any individuals recuperate totally, as indicated by DEP.

The danger of getting EEE is most highest from late July through September.

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