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Sheriff Bradshaw: Red Flag Policies Save Lives in Palm Beach County

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office Deputies and licensed mental health professionals are increasing their efforts to protect residents of Palm Beach County, Florida from gun violence and threats. Sheriff Ric Bradshaw is leading PBSOin implementing and enforcing gun violence laws, including Florida’s red flag law, in order to protect county residents from dangerous gun-involved situations. 

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office is unique in that it employs a 24-hour staff of mental health and threat assessment professionals who work with the community to stay ahead of potential risks or violent threats. The team assesses any potential risks reported and intervenes if warranted.

As gun violence continues to devastate communities nationwide, Sheriff Bradshaw’s office is on the frontline of creating policies to protect its residents. Recently, Congress has encouraged states to implement red flag laws and with PBSO’s current innovative infrastructure, the law has been swiftly incorporated. 

Previously, in the state of Florida, deputies were unable to confiscate firearms even if someone was found to be mentally ill. Today, the red flag law gives deputies the ability to take away firearms from individuals who have exhibited dangerous or threatening behaviors that have raised concern. Furthermore, the red flag law prohibits the individual from possessing, owning or purchasing another firearm under a risk protection order.

Earlier this year, Sheriff Bradshaw appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee, where he statedthat if the red flag law in Florida had already been in effect, he believes shootings such as the Parkland tragedy could have been avoided.

Red Flag Laws Protect Palm Beach County Residents

With over 40 years in law enforcement, Sheriff Bradshaw fully believes that these risk protection orders, such as the red flag law, do indeed help to make our society a safer place. He also stressed the importance of employing mental health professionals that can work with individuals that could potentially become violent in the future. He explained that while taking guns from those who are a perceived danger may not end violence altogether, it will certainly help to reduce gun violence and will give hard working officers the power they need to better protect the public.

Moving Forward

U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham, chairman of the Judiciary Committee agreed with Sheriff Bradshaw whole-heartedly. Red flag laws have been found to be very effective in removing firearms from individuals that are potential dangerous. Law-abiding citizenswill not be affected by red flag lawsas the rights afforded by the second amendment are fully protected. 

Sheriff Bradshaw hopes that his support of and confidence in red flag laws will help lawmakers to adopt themand increase protectionfor citizens across the United States. He and other hardworking men and women of law enforcement agree that it is far better to take a firm stance against violence to protect the people they have sworn to defend.

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