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Pooria Ghohroodi and battling the obstacles as an Iranian Entrepreneur

Pooria Ghohroodi is an Iranian Entrepreneur brought into the world on May 16, 1983. He was brought up in the Capital of Iran, Tehran city. He is an extraordinary individual regarding ethics. Pooria is additionally a devotee of hand-to-hand fighting. This man has a dark belt in combative techniques. He began his pioneering venture by building up the POORIA vehicle sales center at the core of Los Angeles city in the California State of America. Before coming to America, Pooria Ghohroodi had a complicated life in Iran. The giant investors did not give him a chance to establish his own business and did not care about his driving skills. They even understated his ability in the marketing field. Pooria had many troubles with obtaining the necessary fund; they did not assist him in any way and only made obstacles for his path in the future. Eventually, after losing much of his fortune to these barriers, he decided to migrate to the United States of America. Pooria Ghohroodi always said to his friends and people following him on Instagram that he did not leave Iran with pleasure and had to do it because of the obstacles that some individuals put in his way.

Can Pooria Ghohroodi go back to Iran?

Well, for now, I must say that he can go back to Iran but he is now focusing on his businesses at the United States. So, we don’t know for sure when he is coming back again. He may return to Iran if things get better, but he is a successful entrepreneur In Los Angeles and right now there isn’t any reason for him to come back. Pooria wants to create a gaming website, and now he is focused on this matter. Also, he wants to expand his dealership business in the United States. As you may know, this man has an extraordinary passion for exotic cars. He is an expert in finding, evaluating, and of course, selling exotic cars on US soil. We don’t have much information about what he is going to do on the matter of expanding his dealership or even his gaming website. But I can assure you, based on what we have seen so far from him, it’s going to be good, and just be patient to see how things will turn out.

His Instagram page address is @Pooria_Ghohrood. You can follow him to gain some information about his future activities.

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