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Fashion And Travel Blogger Pranjal Salecha aka The Gulabi Girl On Breaking Stereotypes

Blogging appears as one of the most exciting careers. But it requires a lot of thought process, creativity, confidence and the knack to connect with the audience. Pranjal Salecha, aka Gulabi Girl, is one of the most popular Indian bloggers who possess these qualities. She is known for her fashion, lifestyle and travel content. Being from a fashion designing background also played a key role in her deep knowledge about the field. Travelling is her passion, and she loves sharing her experience with people who also love to explore new places.

Fashion blogger, aka influencer Pranjal Salecha, has more than 72k followers on Instagram. She has a quirky bio that will make anyone instantly follow her. When The Gulabi Girl started blogging, she wanted to break the stereotypes related to fashion and lifestyle bloggers. Hence, in her bio, she has clearly mentioned, “P.S Influencer not a Model”.

The influencer shares, “Almost 5 years ago when I started blogging, I saw several people saying that you have to look and dress up in a particular manner to become a fashion blogger. I was baffled because fashion and lifestyle speak of a person’s originality and personality. We cannot tell someone how to look or dress just because it has been followed for years. So I decided I will break this stereotype. Even one person not playing with these weird rules can make a huge difference and help others who want to venture into blogging.”

The Gulabi Girl Instagram has many videos and pictures where she is sharing outfit hacks, fashion trends and beauty hacks. She also shares products reviews and plays different contests that help her followers win exciting products or discounts. Often, she conducts interactive sessions with her followers, who ask her queries about fashion, beauty and travelling. Pranjal answers each question as she believes her followers’ love has also helped her become such a popular influencer.