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Oppo Says The Next Find Flagship Series Will Be Available In Europe

Executives from Oppo announced the company’s return to Europe at MWC 2024. The manufacturer plans to introduce the next Find flagship series in every nation where Oppo was previously active.

Oppo’s comeback to Europe will be aided by a three-year agreement with the Telefonica group, based in Spain, according to another significant announcement from the firm.

Regretfully, the phrase “upcoming gen of Find series” specifically indicates that the Find X7 Ultra will not be available in Europe; instead, enthusiasts will have to wait for the Find N4 foldables or the Find X8 series. By 2024, Oppo Reno phones ought to be back on the scene, providing European consumers with better mid-range to premium options.

Oppo will begin selling its devices through carriers in at least four countries as a result of the Telefonica partnership. Of course, Spain comes first, but Telefonica is also present in Germany, Ireland, and the UK.

Following a legal battle with Nokia over 5G patents, Oppo discontinued selling its handsets in Europe. Oppo can now reenter Europe after both sides struck a multi-year cross-license agreement last month.

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